Apple Health – Possibilities and Popular Apps

Apple offers with the Health app, which collects all health and fitness data centrally. Through the developer tool HealthKit numerous apps support the new health. We’ll show what’s possible with it and what popular apps are there.

The enthusiasm with which Americans sell their products of ideas often has something contagious. There is hardly another company that knows how to play on this keyboard as Apple. The huge fan base shows it. Many of them are also likely to be excited about the ability to centrally view all their health and fitness data on their smartphone and associate it with other apps. This is the health app released by Apple since iOS 8.0.2 and the HealthKit interface for developers. So that “all the fantastic health and fitness apps work better together – for you”, it says in the German-language online advertising message, followed by: “This could become a real health revolution.”

All information, including heart rate, blood sugar, cholesterol and calories burned, can be brought together in one place via compatible applications, such as Apple’s own Health App, and displayed clearly on what’s known as a dashboard (instrument panel or scoreboard). In addition to die-hard Apple fans, computer and fitness nerds, coaches and sports physicians are likely to get warm, as well as some companies and organizations.

There is a great danger that the data will fall into the wrong hands, for example, by HR departments or insurance companies, in order to separate from or hijack unpopular employees and insured persons. An optional emergency card containing information about the blood type or allergies can certainly be useful, but it can be dangerous if others learn about having a chronic illness from a smart phone.

While Apple promises, one by one, that everyone has constant control over all the data and apps, apart from possible operating errors, the option of backing up information to the iCloud as backup does not seem to be risk-free. The question is also whether everyone needs to know what they are doing.

Conclusion to Apple Health

Apple’s HealthKit and Health App and the many smartphone applications that dock with it are more than just nerd tools. After all, they can not only contribute to general fitness, but also to the health of chronically ill and overweight people.

How much information you want to share with so-called friends or other apps, which everyone has, according to Apple itself in the hand. But as the saying goes, health is the highest good. And that should include knowledge too. Careful handling of apps supported by Apple’s HealthKit interface is therefore highly recommended.