Companies criticize inadequate performance of cloud services

Two-thirds of IT decision makers see a lack of service quality and availability as the biggest obstacle to the introduction of public cloud services. This emerges from a study by the network manufacturer Alcatel-Lucent. 

Failures and performance bottlenecks are the biggest obstacle to the introduction of cloud services. At the conclusion of a study of the network manufacturer Alcatel-Lucent. The international survey shows that most IT executives still have concerns regarding the stability, response time and end-to-end availability of cloud services.

The criticism of the IT managers depends primarily on the performance of public cloud offerings that should be much better. After all, two thirds of respondents in business applications do not put on the cloud because they fear the risk of service failures. 

Almost every second person holds the current delays of cloud services is unacceptable. One in four respondents complained that is offered no easy solution in cases where service level agreements (SLAs) do not apply. The biggest reservations express companies from the financial and insurance industry, healthcare and government agencies. 

Trust matters

IT decision-makers call beyond concerns about the safety, cost and ease of use of cloud services as additional barriers. Nevertheless, 44 percent of companies are confident that the weaknesses of today's cloud services will be resolved in the future. therefore they expect more use of cloud services within the next three years. People mention consistently trust as one of the most important factors in considering to introduce cloud services.

Companies criticize inadequate performance of cloud services

For the market survey Alcatel-Lucent had nearly 4,000 IT decision makers in medium and large international companies ask. The company says the study shows that large companies are firstly prepared from various sectors to introduce cloud services quickly. On the other hand, they illustrative the shortcomings of current public cloud offerings in terms of service availability and quality.