Deutsche Bank Research comments: Cloud in education and research

Cloud computing is one of the major trends in the economy - but only in the economy? No, especially for educational and research institutions cloud-based solutions offer great potential. 

The information technology progress, especially in education and research in progress, as science and teaching fundamentally change: Many research-based universities work closely and mostly project-based with a growing number of partners from science and business world together. 

This brings new challenges for the information systems with it. For a fall in global cooperation to more and more data to process a powerful IT infrastructure quickly and reliably.

On the other hand, the universities see with ambitious researchers and students of a new generation faced. These "digital natives" go almost naturally to modern information and communication technologies and latest IT applications. So marked, they expect a modern infrastructure for scholars and students is available. 

Education and Research identify trends first

Thus, the educational and research institutions are precursors and melting pot of self-realizing knowledge-based information society. In these places, which will occupy the economy and society of the 21st century is already evident today. It is, for example, the processing of further increasing flood of information, the creation of knowledge of information, the validation of information, but also the simplest possible range of innovative learning modules via the Internet. 

Cloud computing can in many of these tasks provide valuable assistance. So show some pilot projects, such as the American Internet2 consortium that the flexible provisioning of IT capabilities fit well with the requirements of the different time zones global cooperation.

Cloud in education and research

Cloud solutions can also help the universities and scientific actors, with its own individual access technology to integrate the user ( "Bring your own device" BYOD). In the age of tablets, smartphones, mobile apps and always new solutions this is the duty as the long program and the user is probably more extremely attractive.